Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yay for the home team!

I'm not really a sports fan, but since the Tampa Bay Rays are doing so well I guess I should acknowledge them. Especially since they were the worst team in the league for the last couple of years. Plus I have become a "baseball widow" as Shawn has gone to the last 2 home games Friday and Saturday night. I'm not complaining though. I'm glad he can enjoy the fun and it has given me time to do a little scrapping! :)

Here are some lo's I've completed in my long lonely nights (just kidding!):
These first 2 I used One Summer Day by Designs by Mel. The first 1 is Benjamin and his friend Ryan. This was the 2nd time they've gotten to hang out while their Daddies complete the MS 150 bike ride in north Florida. The font I used is Tall Paul.

This 2nd lo using the same kit is of my 16 week belly. I'm starting to get big and people are starting to comment on my pregnancy without me telling them that I'm pregnant! Yay! That didn't start happening until I was well over 20 weeks with Benjamin. The font I used is Brush Script Std.

This next one is of Benjamin when he was just an itty bitty. I used Worn Vintage Overlays, April Showers, and Sweet Lullabye all by The Digi Twins.

These next 2 lo's were done for challenges at Digital Candy. This 1st one is the Digi-Dare Challenge for the 1st part of October. I used Worn Overlays II, A Little of This, Brightly Grunged Papers (in stores soon), Random Papers (in stores soon), and A Little Border (in stores soon) all by The Digi Twins. The font is Chaucer.

This last lo is for the October What's in a Number Challenge at Digital Candy. This challenge was TOUGH, but was great for getting those creative juices flowing! I used A Little of This, Fun in the Sun, Declaration of Independence, Alpha #1 (in stores soon), and Random Papers (in stores soon) all by the Digi Twins, Stacked and Tinted Action which was a blog freebie by Danielle Corbitt, A Cool Summer and Rainbow Glitter Fills by Trish H. Designs, and Bouquet Blog Freebie from Chaos Lounge. The fonts are Cuckoo and Fat.

And in more news from home Benjamin is finally clapping. It only took 16.5 months! This seems like such a small milestone, but I'm been trying to teach him how to clap forever. Yay for Benjamin! Also, in about 24 hours I will be getting my "big" ultrasound and hopefully finding out what we having!! SO excited!!

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