Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo Shoot!

I took the boys to JCPenney yesterday for Benjamin's 2 year and Alexander's 2 month photos. Well that turned out to be an experience and a half all by myself. First of all the appointment was for 10:00 am. I did not realize that JCPenney did not open until 10:00. Of course I showed up nice and early and parked in the parking garage attached to the store. So I had to walk in the blazing Florida morning sun, pushing the QE 2 of double strollers to find a mall entrance that thankfully was open. Then we power walked in the mall with all the seniors until JCPenney opened. So by the time we got to the portrait studio I was just a sweaty mess! Did I mention that for some odd reason the portrait studio has no AC vents so it was a million degrees in there too! Ugh! Why do I live in this infernal state!! Anyway...

Fortunately we were the first appointment. We started with photos of Benjamin and that worked out pretty well. Then we tried to add Alexander to the mix. At that point Benjamin was kind of over getting his picture taken. Unfortunately our photographer, although very sweet, was kind of slow as molasses. So we would get Benjamin to sit next to his brother, but by the time she fiddled with the camera, etc, Benjamin would wander away. Then Alexander would start bawling. So we got one pic of them together. Not a great one, but heck, its a memory!

We also managed to get a few pics of Alexander by himself before he was completely over it. Here are some of the highlights!

It was an exhausting experience, but totally worth it to get some cute pics of my boys!! We completed our mall morning with a little time in the play area and some lunch at Chik fil A!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy long weekend everyone! Of course as a stay-at-home mommy what is the difference between weekday, weekend, or holiday. Even better, what's the difference between middle of the day and middle of the night. Its all the same to a hungry baby!! But I am not complaining because I am grateful for my 2 healthy boys and I'm glad that Alexander is eating well and growing (a lot!!) and that I have enough milk to nourish his sweet little growing body! He is already wearing 6 month clothes at 7 weeks old! We go to the pediatrician on June 1st and I'm very curious to see what that boy weighs. Benjamin goes in too for his 2 year appointment. Fortunately Shawn can go too so I won't have to do it on my own.

We are enjoying a fairly lazy weekend. Shawn and Benjamin spent the morning cleaning up the back yard which was a mess from all the rain we've gotten over the last week. It rained every day last week! I think its letting up finally though because today has been mostly sunny. Hopefully it holds out because we were invited to a barbecue tomorrow. I spent most of the morning feeding Alexander. He's eating less than every 2 hours today. I think we may be going through a growth spurt.

In scrapping news...

Steel City Scraps and Christie Lemmon Designs shops are now open at Inspiration Lane. Check out their blogs for Grand Opening savings! Inspiration Lane is welcoming a bunch of new designers and they are having a blog train to celebrate. It is a very cute Pirate Themed kid called Swann and Sparrow. Here is a lo I made using Steel City Scraps portion of the kit.

And a lo using Christie Lemmon Designs portion of the kit.

While you are checking out Inspiration Lane, you can see Christie's newest kit called Brighter Days. Here are 2 lo's I made using this adorable kit.

Also check out one of the newest by Steel City Scraps called By Chance. Here a 2 lo's I made using this cute mini kit.

Other Credits:
Alpha is Feeling Felty-So Pink by Designs by Sarah
Date Stamp is Date Bits 6 by Misty Cato
Template by Aussie Caz

One last lo to share. This one is for the May Pixie Pouch Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. Its Alexander hard at play!

April Showers Add On by Twin Mom Scraps
Basically Boy by Bella Gypsy
Something Cutsie by Steel City Scraps and Christie Lemmon Designs
Template #76 by Scrappin with Liz

A final note-it just started pouring...AGAIN! I guess the rain is not over! Well, we are in a drought so all this rain is good. At least we got some outdoor time this morning!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye Bye Digital Candy

I was very sad to hear the announcement that Digital Candy was closing its virtual doors. Its a great digi-scrapping site and I really enjoyed their fun challenges. Two of the designers that I CT for, Christie Lemmon Designs and Steel City Scraps, are selling at Digital Candy for a little while longer. They will be moving to Inspiration Lane starting May 23rd. This looks to be another fun site with lots of fun challenges and great people. They both just announced big closing sales at their Digital Candy Stores.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The explosive poopy diaper alarm clock!

You know its going to be a bad diaper when you are awakened from a dead sleep by the explosiveness of a poopy diaper. That's what happened at 4:00 am this morning. However, I am very grateful that we (Alexander and I) slept from 11:30 pm until 4 am. So we woke up, changed the diaper, which although explosive in nature did manage to not leak (phew), ate (Alexander, not me), and got Alexander all swaddled and back to sleep. I was just thinking about closing my eyes for another hour or 2 when Benjamin lets loose with a blood curdling scream. Not sure what the scream was all about since before I got up there he was doing his happy morning babble thing. So now I'm letting him hang out up there and I'm blogging because I am just so not ready for this day to officially start at the wonderful hour of 6:00 am.

Here is my latest lo of my new sweet baby boy. You can see in this photo how bad the poor thing had baby acne. It has cleared up quite a bit now. Although it didn't seem to bother him, I still felt bad looking at his pimply little face!

Savannah by Steel City Scraps
Brown Alpha by Calalily Designs

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming up for air!

Well, I decided to show some love to my poor little ignored blog! It has been a crazy almost 7 weeks, as you can imagine. Alexander Daniel was born March 27th. He was 8 pounds 14.5 ounces and 20.5 inches long. I was induced again, but this experience was so much better than my induction with Benjamin. For one the induction took less than 24 hours instead of 2 days. And secondly, my epidural actually worked! We went in Thursday at 9:00 p.m. The induction started about midnight. Friday early afternoon I was checked and I was 4 cm dilated. The pitocin was started and the contractions started fast and furious. I got my epidural and all was right with the world. I dilated fairly quickly and by 8:44 p.m. Friday night he was born.

Waiting for Alexander's arrival...

Credit: Miracles Happen Collab by The Digital Candy Designers

Introducing Alexander Daniel!

Credits: Savannah Mini Kit and Soft Whisper Kit by Steel City Scraps, Template by Viva Artistry

Alexander and I meet!

Credits: Modern Neutrals by Christie Lemmon Designs, Font is Lucida Handwriting

Alexander and DaddyCredit: Big Fish, Little Fish by Lauren Grien and Mikkel Paige

So the last 7 weeks have been filled with lots of adjusting. Benjamin has taken the arrival of his little brother so well. I am so proud of what a big boy he has been!

Credit: Brothers by Cinzia Designs

Well, that is it in a very small nutshell. I hope to update the blog more about my crazy life with my 3 boys! :)