Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo Shoot!

I took the boys to JCPenney yesterday for Benjamin's 2 year and Alexander's 2 month photos. Well that turned out to be an experience and a half all by myself. First of all the appointment was for 10:00 am. I did not realize that JCPenney did not open until 10:00. Of course I showed up nice and early and parked in the parking garage attached to the store. So I had to walk in the blazing Florida morning sun, pushing the QE 2 of double strollers to find a mall entrance that thankfully was open. Then we power walked in the mall with all the seniors until JCPenney opened. So by the time we got to the portrait studio I was just a sweaty mess! Did I mention that for some odd reason the portrait studio has no AC vents so it was a million degrees in there too! Ugh! Why do I live in this infernal state!! Anyway...

Fortunately we were the first appointment. We started with photos of Benjamin and that worked out pretty well. Then we tried to add Alexander to the mix. At that point Benjamin was kind of over getting his picture taken. Unfortunately our photographer, although very sweet, was kind of slow as molasses. So we would get Benjamin to sit next to his brother, but by the time she fiddled with the camera, etc, Benjamin would wander away. Then Alexander would start bawling. So we got one pic of them together. Not a great one, but heck, its a memory!

We also managed to get a few pics of Alexander by himself before he was completely over it. Here are some of the highlights!

It was an exhausting experience, but totally worth it to get some cute pics of my boys!! We completed our mall morning with a little time in the play area and some lunch at Chik fil A!

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