Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Lo's for Scrap It Sassy Creative Team

Here are a couple of lo's using the gorgeous kit Delightful by Secret Garden Creations. This 1st is all about the love I have for my son Benjamin. Just look at that cute face!! The font is Space Toaster

This lo are some pics of me and my family at Disney way back in 1980. Showing my age here I guess! The glitter is from Bubble Bath by Kristin Aagard. The font is How Cute Am I from Darcy Baldwin.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New lo's

Here are some lo's I've worked on in the last couple weeks.

These first 2 I used Champagne by Candleworks Scraps. The word art in the 1st is by Bekah E for the Magical Moments Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The second is for the Build a Fairy Treehouse Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The template is by Brenda Smith Designs and the font is Wendy Medium.

These next 2 lo's are made with Mud Puddles by Christie Lemmon Designs. The 1st is for the Charmer's Time Dance Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The desktop template is by Danielle Corbitt. The 2nd I also used CT Inspired Templates: Hillary by Christie Lemmon Designs and Tiny Vellum Dates by Ellie Lash.

This lo is for the Pixie Pouch Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I used Pixie Pouch #2 by Chaos Lounge and the font is Vagabond.

This lo is for the Sprite's Spell Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps (yep, I've been hanging out there quite a bit!) I used A New Day Collab by Steel City Scraps and Monkey See, Monkey Do, Sugar Shack Template Pack by Steel City Scraps, Take Me To Neverland by Steel City Scraps and the font is Tall Paul.

For this lo I used Stacker 1 by Brittney Ferguson Designs and the font is Sceptre.

And finally, these last 2 lo's I used Cruisin' by Steel City Scraps and Sugar Shack Template Pack by Steel City Scraps. The fonts in both are Complete in Him and Bumpy Road.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some new lo's

Here are 2 lo's using SIS Designs In The Dirt. They are both of Benjamin's fun with his new truck he got from Mom Mom and Pop Pop for Christmas.

This is a lo for Enchanted Studio Scraps Font Challenge. I used Take Me To Neverland from Steel Studio Scraps. The fonts are Fantastic Pete and Prophecy Script.

This is a lo using Childish Times by Brittney Ferguson. It is a freebie on her blog. The date stamp is from Agawa.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Been so MIA! Bunch of new lo's!

I have been having such a hard time finding time to update this blog! I'm grateful for the busy life, but sometimes its crazy! My mom and dad are spending the month of January out at the beach so we have been visiting them out there. That has been lots of fun! Benjamin just loves his Mom Mom and Pop Pop!

I have been able to crank out quite a few layouts in the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to stay on top of my CT duties and even doing the occasional non-CT layout! Mostly those are for challenges though which I'll talk about a fabulous new site for challenges and fun in a minute.

These first 2 lo's I used Heart of Glass by Diva Designz. The 1st lo is a pic of my boys watching squirrels in the backyard. I thought they looked so cute! The font is Fiolex Girls. The 2nd is from Valentine's Day almost a year ago of Benjamin smelling (although I really think he wanted to eat) the roses. The font is Calligrapher.

Now, about that new website. Enchanted Studio Scraps is now open. Well, the forums and gallery are and the store will be opening very soon. The challenges there are great and you can earn points for credit in the store!

This first lo was for their Color Sorcery Challenge which is their color challenge. The color swatch for this month comes from the Warmth of Friends Blog Train the ESS designers had not too long ago. So that's the kit I used along with Date Bits 8 by Misty Cato and the font is Tristan. The photo is of Benjamin helping us sweep leaves in the backyard. He is so helpful!

This lo is for their Elf Excerpt challenge. This is a song lyric challenge. This month is "Do you believe in magic." This lo is me and my niece on my wedding day. The kit is Soft Whisper by Steel City Scraps. The template is called The Gift of Friends and is a blog freebie from Steel City Scraps. The font is Tristan.

This next lo is for the Magical Moments word art challenge. I used The Overstuffed Stocking by Digi Overdose and the word art is also by Digi Overdose.

The next 2 lo's are for the Fairytale Storybook challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it and have a complete ABC book for Benjamin. I used Digitreats Run ABC and the font Batik on both these lo's.

This next lo is for the Charmer's Time Dance Desktop Challenge. The desktop template is by Danielle Corbitt. The kit is Mid Morning by Danielle Corbitt and Brenda Smith.

This next lo is for the Pixie Pouch challenge. You get a freebie mini kit from Trish H Designs and have to create a lo using all parts of the mini kit. This months mini kit from Trish H Designs is an add on to her kit Winter Flurry. The font is Occidental.

The Build a Fairy Treehouse challenge is the template challenge. The template is by Brenda Smith Designs. The kits are Kale and the Kale add on by Brenda Smith Designs. I also used Birthday Labels from Misty Cato and the font is Occidental.

That's it for challenge lo's for now. I have a few more challenges to complete for this month. If you complete all the challenges you get a bonus freebie kit so that my goal for the end of this month!

These next 2 lo's I used Italian Cottage by Litterbox Creations. The template is by Templates by Linz. The 1st, of course, is of my belly. I'm now at almost 30 weeks and even bigger! Eeek! The 2nd is just me showing off my beautiful family. Shawn and I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage in a couple weeks. It sure has been and eventful 2 years!! The font on the 2nd lo is Blackadder ITC.

And last, but certainly not least, a couple lo's for Brittney Ferguson's Designs. The 1st is a 2 pager showing a fun day at the park with Benjamin. I used Circle Obsession by Brittney Ferguson Designs. The template is from Liz Designs and the fonts are How Cute Am I from Darcy Baldwin and Cuckoo. The 2nd lo are pics from the cute little hotel Shawn and I stayed at in Puerto Rico a couple years ago. I used Hotel Charm from Brittney Ferguson Designs. I also used Grunge Masks from Tracy Murphy Designs and the font is Charlemagne Std.