Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cute video and some pics at a Halloween Party today

Benjamin and I went to a Halloween party today with his friend Fiona. This is a cute video of Benjamin and Fiona enjoying a snack.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunch of new lo's

I'm so happy I got my scrapping mojo back. I guess it comes and goes in cycles. It probably depends how tired I am too I guess.

This first lo is my 1st attempt at a calendar. I am on The Digi Twins CT and they came out with these cool 2009 calendars. I've been trying to figure out what to do with them, so here is my 1st ever calendar. I used Shabby Calendars, Diamond Diva Alpha, Glitter Frames, and A Little of This all by The Digi Twins. I also used a freebie called Ol Time Family Celebration by Jenny Cereal.

This is some old pics of me and my friend Christine before we were old married ladies. We had tons of fun together. She lives in North Florida with her hubby now and I miss her terribly! I did this lo for the template challenge at Digital Candy. The template is by Brenda Smith. The kit is Kaleidoscope by Ivorys Designz.

I also used Kaleidoscope by Ivorys Designz for this next lo of my baby belly at 17 weeks.

These next 2 lo's were done for the recipe challenge at Digital Candy. The recipe is from the the South Beach Diet cookbook. Its a very yummy recipe. Shawn and I attempted the South Beach Diet and it lasted a couple weeks. We are definitely going to need a weight loss strategy after I have this baby! I used Recipe for Fun, Shabby Diva Alpha version 4, Random Paper Pack and Shabby Grunged Paper Pack all by The Digi Twins.

This lo is for the Candy Jar challenge at Digital Candy. It was done with Candy Jar #25 by Trish H Designs and Tiny Tags Action by Tracy King.

And finally, a lo of my new little boy showing us his stuff! Neither one of my boys was very shy showing what they have during ultrasounds! I used Everyone's a Star by Beckmoore Designs.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Got a couple more lo's done!

This 1st one is from my wedding. I used Transforming Love from by God's design.

This is a lo from a Tampa Bay Rays playoff games we went to. I used a template blog freebie from Brenda Smith Designs. I also used a bunch of products from The Digi Twins: Shabby Diva Alpha V1, Brightly Grunged Paper Pack, Back to Basics Solids Paper Pack (which is currently part of Grab Bag #6), and A Little of This.

A cute lo of my cute son! I used Everyone's a Star by Beckmoore Designs.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom Mom and Pop Pop visit, baby kicks, and new layouts!!

Yay, my mom and dad are in town! Benjamin's already had lots of fun with them. Its nice to get a little help, especially with being a little tired from this pregnancy. Speaking of the baby in my belly, I'm starting to feel the little itty bitty kicks! Yay, I love it!

Here are some new layouts:

This lo was done for a Chaos Lounge Blog challenge. I used the blog challenge freebie and Misty Cato's Date Bits.

These next 2 layouts both are made with On the Sandy Side by Secret Garden Creations.

This fall lo was made with Fallin for Fall and Fallin for Fall Add On by Brittney Ferguson Designs and will be available soon at Prett Scrappy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a boy and a Halloween freebie to celebrate!!!

Meet our new baby boy!!! We found out yesterday that we are having another baby boy. I am so excited to be the mom of 2 boys! I hope they will be great friends!

Mega-Doodle Inspired has a great new product out for Photoshop Elements 5 & 6 users. Its a couple of time saver actions to cut and save alphas.

It is a fabulous product that really saves a ton of time when you are creating an alpha. Check out theMega-Doodle Inspired blog for more info and where to purchase this product.

I made an alpha to coordinate with my Halloween mini freebie. I used this alpha action and I can't believe how much time it saved!!

You can pick up this alpha here. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A couple more new layouts

I complete 3 more challenges today at Digital Candy. The first is the Candy Jar Challenge. Credits for this lo are Candy Jar #24 by Digital Chaos, These Days are Golden by Krystal Hartley, and Date Stamps and Date Stamps 3 by Trish Jones.

The next is the October Elements Challenge where the challenge is to use strips of paper in your lo. I used Underwater Adventure and Beach Bum by Starving Artist Designs (formally Xandra Martin Designs) and Atomic Cupcakes's Printed Torn Cardboard in this lo.
And finally the Oh No You Didn't Challenge where the challenge is to scrap about someone in a lo without using photos. I scrapped about my unborn baby in the form of all the many questions I have about becoming a mother again. I used Studio Series: Love Story, Take the Cake: Framed, and Snapshot: Process2-all by Trish Jones Designs. The font is Geometr231 Lt BT.

Only 9 hours and 40 minutes to my ultrasound! I better go to bed! Have a nice night!

Yay for the home team!

I'm not really a sports fan, but since the Tampa Bay Rays are doing so well I guess I should acknowledge them. Especially since they were the worst team in the league for the last couple of years. Plus I have become a "baseball widow" as Shawn has gone to the last 2 home games Friday and Saturday night. I'm not complaining though. I'm glad he can enjoy the fun and it has given me time to do a little scrapping! :)

Here are some lo's I've completed in my long lonely nights (just kidding!):
These first 2 I used One Summer Day by Designs by Mel. The first 1 is Benjamin and his friend Ryan. This was the 2nd time they've gotten to hang out while their Daddies complete the MS 150 bike ride in north Florida. The font I used is Tall Paul.

This 2nd lo using the same kit is of my 16 week belly. I'm starting to get big and people are starting to comment on my pregnancy without me telling them that I'm pregnant! Yay! That didn't start happening until I was well over 20 weeks with Benjamin. The font I used is Brush Script Std.

This next one is of Benjamin when he was just an itty bitty. I used Worn Vintage Overlays, April Showers, and Sweet Lullabye all by The Digi Twins.

These next 2 lo's were done for challenges at Digital Candy. This 1st one is the Digi-Dare Challenge for the 1st part of October. I used Worn Overlays II, A Little of This, Brightly Grunged Papers (in stores soon), Random Papers (in stores soon), and A Little Border (in stores soon) all by The Digi Twins. The font is Chaucer.

This last lo is for the October What's in a Number Challenge at Digital Candy. This challenge was TOUGH, but was great for getting those creative juices flowing! I used A Little of This, Fun in the Sun, Declaration of Independence, Alpha #1 (in stores soon), and Random Papers (in stores soon) all by the Digi Twins, Stacked and Tinted Action which was a blog freebie by Danielle Corbitt, A Cool Summer and Rainbow Glitter Fills by Trish H. Designs, and Bouquet Blog Freebie from Chaos Lounge. The fonts are Cuckoo and Fat.

And in more news from home Benjamin is finally clapping. It only took 16.5 months! This seems like such a small milestone, but I'm been trying to teach him how to clap forever. Yay for Benjamin! Also, in about 24 hours I will be getting my "big" ultrasound and hopefully finding out what we having!! SO excited!!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Freebie!!!!!!

***Edit #2-OK, so I reuploaded the file and it appears to be working better. Fingers crossed! If there are more issue leave me a comment here and I will try to figure it out. Thanks!***

**Edited to add-I think 4shared is having issues today so I apologize if you have a hard time downloading. I had issues downloading a freebie from another designer earlier today from 4shared so that leads me to believe the problem is on their end.**

Holy moly! Two posts in 1 day!! I just finished my Halloween Mini Freebie and wanted to share it before Benjamin woke up from his nap. Although he is starting to stir so I'd better hurry up! here it is.

This mini has 2 papers, 2 keychains, 1 notebook, and 2 buttons. You can get this mini here. Thanks for stopping by!

Dancing with the Stars complaint and other things

Are there any Dancing with the Stars fans out there? I am asking nicely that whoever is voting for Cloris Leachman, please stop. She is driving me crazy!! I know she's funny, but she's just getting on my nerves now. You should be voting for Rocco Di Spirito! Don't you want to see this face every week?

In other news...only 4 days until the big ultrasound! Hopefully this baby will keep its legs nice and open so we can if we have a he or a she in there. I hope to start feeling this little person moving around in there soon. That's the best feeling ever and since this will most likely be our last baby, I need to cherish it as long as possible!

Mega-Doodle Inspired has a new grab bag available that I was lucky enough to test the products for.

The products in here are very original, versatile, and fun to work with. Check out Mega-Doodle Inspired's blog to find out more and where you can buy this grab bag. Also, she has a huge list of freebies from her test team. I'm hoping to add 2 freebies in the next week or 2. A Halloween freebie and a school themed freebie. It seems my scrapping, both designing and actual scrapping has slacked off recently. Benjamin and I stay nice and busy and he's only napping about 2 hours a day so I don't have a ton of time. I'm trying to keep up and also trying to keep my house relatively clean!

Have a fabulous day!