Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Freebie!!!!!!

***Edit #2-OK, so I reuploaded the file and it appears to be working better. Fingers crossed! If there are more issue leave me a comment here and I will try to figure it out. Thanks!***

**Edited to add-I think 4shared is having issues today so I apologize if you have a hard time downloading. I had issues downloading a freebie from another designer earlier today from 4shared so that leads me to believe the problem is on their end.**

Holy moly! Two posts in 1 day!! I just finished my Halloween Mini Freebie and wanted to share it before Benjamin woke up from his nap. Although he is starting to stir so I'd better hurry up! here it is.

This mini has 2 papers, 2 keychains, 1 notebook, and 2 buttons. You can get this mini here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Joy said...

Big time CONGRATS on the pregnancy! :) How's it going?