Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged again!!

I've been tagged by the very cool designer Ellie Lash. Here are the instructions:

1. I took tap dance classes for 10 years as a kid.
2. I was a girl scout for a while. I quit because I got tired of making gold spray painted macaroni art. We never camped or did anything cool.
3. I love to read (I may have used some of these for the 1st time I was tagged. I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go back and look.)
4. Sometimes I can be lazy!
5. I can live night and day on macaroni and cheese.
6. I used to be a bartender.
7. I once drove from Texas to Maine for a guy (and not the one I ended up marrying-the one I married is much better!)

OK I am tagging a couple cool designers and some girls I was just on a CT with for Lisa Minor.
1. Lisa Minor -awesome designer who is crazy generous with her talent!
2. Scrapshana -a nice lady who stopped by my blog and I went to check out her blog and saw that she is a great designer. Really cute stuff!
3. Linda-go check out her beautiful lo's and leave some love!
4. Sandy -she made some really great QP's for Lisa Minor's Miss Ladybug's Garden kit. Plus she has a recipe on her blog for a new macaroni and cheese to try!
5. Suzie Q.-another talented lo artist!
6. Candy-she has the nicest lo's featuring her adorable kiddos!
7. Karen-Another wonderful digiscrapper! Go cheer her on with her scrapbooking goals!!

OK, hopefully none of these great ladies hate me after I tag them! I just don't want to mess with the blogging gods by not continuing the chain! If it makes you all feel better, I got one of those paperback book chain letters in the mail today. Since my mom sent it I feel like I have to do it! So I have to go figure that one out now!! Have a great day!!


Lisa said...

AWWW C'mon girly! LOL

I actually have "sworn of tags for the summer" because of my kids being home.....hit me again in the fall, and I'll try and get to it then!
Sooooo sorry! LOL...but I'm reading yours! LOL

Suzie Q. Scrapper said...

ugh!!! I don't think I know 7 people : ( i will try

LindaJD said...

lol..Michelle! hon I wish I had the time, we just got back from Holiday and in 4 days I am moving into my mums to look after her while my dad goes into Hospital, he has his OP on Monday so who knows when I will get time to myself again, mum won't have the Internet so I am stcuk!!
Thanks for the lovely comment about me and I will link to your blog from mine as a peace offering..
Take Care - Hugs - Linda