Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When life gives you kiwis...

We've been getting organic fruits and veggies from a co-op for a couple of months now. We get a basket every 2 weeks. The last basket had a whole bunch of kiwis in it and I was trying to figure out something to do with them all, other than the obvious just eating them. I found this kiwi muffin recipe at JustMuffinRecipes.com. Its not the fanciest website you'll ever run across, but it serves its purpose I guess! So I made the kiwi muffins.
Citrus Menagerie by Lisa Minor
Font is AR Christy

They turned out OK. They were kind of cakey and sugary and fell apart really easily. Benjamin and Shawn didn't complain! If I make them again I will probably cut the sugar down to see if more kiwi flavor comes through.

We had a nice quiet Father's Day last Sunday. We spent a quiet day around the house. I made baked ziti for the family. The cashier at Publix gave me flack for not making something fancier for Father's Day. OK, first of all, I asked Shawn and that is what he requested and second, since when is OK for the cashier at the grocery store to give me crap about what I cook! I've noticed that the cashier's at Publix have gotten kind of opinionated and have given me advice on everything from breastfeeding to lobster tails (which is what I was supposed to be making according to the cashier that day). Well, I guess you have to be an outgoing people person to work in the public like that. I know they mean no harm and are trying to be nice. Back on the subject of Father's Day, here are the homemade gifts Shawn received.

First he got a Benjamin original painting. Its very beautiful, isn't it?

Mud Puddles by Christie Lemmon Designs

Then a frame I made for him. I wished I had embellished it a little more, but I ran out of time.

Cinnamon Sugar by Designs by Mel

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