Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Month! New LO's!

Happy February everyone!! Can you believe that the 1st month of 2009 has come and gone?! My due date is next month!! I'm trying not freak out, but I am a little. In less than 2 years I am going from only having to worry about little ole me to becoming the mother of 2!! I'm really very excited too though.

Here are some new lo's I've worked on. The 1st is for the lyric challenge over at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The new month means a whole new round of challenges over there. They have a ton of challenges there too. I managed to complete all of January's challenges, but they added a couple so completing February is going to be, well, a challenge!! This lo was created using Steel City Scraps and Monkey See Monkey Do's collaboration called A New Day. I also used Steel City Scraps' Sugar Shack Template Pack. The font is Darcy Baldwin's How Cute Am I. The pic is my cute little unborn little man at my 12 week ultrasound. This was the 1st time we saw him, heard a heartbeat or had any indication that the pregnancy was going well. It was such a relief to see him!

This next lo is another belly lo. Me at 33 weeks. I feel huge! I think I'm much bigger this pregnancy than with Benjamin. I know my weight is a lot more this time around. Trying not to worry about it until after I have the baby. This lo is for the Pixie Pouch challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I used the My Sweet Valentine Add On by Twin Mom Scraps. The template is by Lena Brandenburg. The font is Tekton Pro. I love that this challenge forced me to use an adorable pink kit. I love pink, but since I have boys I tend to shy away from the pink kits. Using pink was very fun!

This next lo is for the What's in the Enchanted Forest Challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I used Little Charmer and the Little Charmer Add On by Christie Lemmon Designs for this lo. The template is from Chrissy W. The photos are from Benjamin's professional photos done when he was 3 months old.

These last 2 lo's were another chance to use a kit with some fun pink colors and lots of bling! The kit is Always by Digi Overdose. The word art is also by Digi Overdose and is part of the word art challenge at Enchated Studio Scraps. The second lo is a bingo card for a bingo game that is being hosted over at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I also used Always Alpha by Digi Overdose which will be available soon at Enchanted Studio Scraps and the font is Eraser Dust.

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