Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stay away Fay and a new coupon for you!

Well, this is unfortunate! We are smack dab in the middle of the "cone of uncertainty." Hopefully Fay just stays a tropical storm!

Graphic is from Weather Underground , the best weather website ever!

Now, happier stuff! I am the Spotlight Designer at Scrap It Sassy ! To celebrate I am offering this coupon:

And just in case the graphic doesn't show up (that never happens in Blogger, does it? Ha ha!): Purchase $4.00 or more of Michelle Blagg Designs and receive 40% off your entire order. Enter the code mblaggspotlight to receive your savings. Coupon savings good from August 17th-24th, 2008.

And now, because this blog has been all work and no play, some cute pics or my most adorable boy. Benjamin is now 14.5 months old. I have learned that this is the age of throwing fits. That seems to be Benjamin's newest favorite pasttime!
But its usually because he gets caught doing something he's not supposed to be doing!
But I guess its all part of the fun of raising a cute little boy!

Thanks for stopping by!!


PsiPsi said...

What a cutie pie
he is realy a handsome little rascal!*lol*

Ladybug Graphix said...

He is adorable...and yes, I am in that cone too!!! Getting the hatches batted down today...and don't you know it has to come the first week of school...sheesh!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...stop by the garden too....check out all the challenges, it will get your juices flowing!!! Stay safe Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Your little boy is way too cute.

Thinks he is the Andrex Puppy too is see. Oh better explain cos I don't know if you have Andrex your way. Andrex is a brand of toilet paper and the Andrex puppy is a very cute little labrador pup who loves to unroll toilet rolls and get tangled up in the resulting mess.


Bev said...

Cute layouts and photo's. I hate this hurricanes/tropical storms I just wish they would dissolve :)

Eve said...

Oh goodness, stay safe!! Your photos are just adorable!!

Andrea and/or Jeff said...

He's sure a cutie! But I would swear that 4.5 is the age for throwing fits. Or around here it is anyway!